To help all our members, in collaboration with leading training organisation, HS runs regular training workshops and seminars on the key factors that are essential for helping small and medium enterprises improve their marketing strategies and connecting more effectively with your customers across the world.

HS offers members’ priceless engagements with the world’s most influential business leaders and distinguished academics to discuss and debate on a range of critical business and management issues. Our programs offer the participants the opportunity to improve their business performance and accomplish their future goals and maximise their profit.

Our various training packages are designed and delivered by the top and renowned experts from across the world to help your business grow and maximize profit. English is the main language for all our training programs, but we have several facilitators who can deliver the packages in other languages including Arabic, French, Spanish and other languages.

To help our members develop their business strategic plans and achieve their competitive advantage, HS provides professional and experienced consultants and business experts to work closely and directly with you. HS consultants will help you reach your goals and business ultimate objectives based on their extensive experience, strong business analytics and top international research.

Our marketing and sales consultants will help you to improve your sales and reach your sales potential and more importantly they will show you the best way to do so. HS will also provide members with a short Business Intelligence Report on any particular components of your business or regular (e.g., mid-year) progress checks against your agreed plan and goals with feedback.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding any of the training programs and/or if you would like to request any consultancy/consultant to work with your company.